here are results of april 26 2007 session.

wayne on drums, charlie lee on clarinet,  james on bass, ben on piano

ben and brehon - vocals

some new songs, some better recordings than last time

(it took 3 hours to seperate the songs and 2 hours to post them)
but then it a bit more time to get the music to this level
 me, brehon and wayne 60 odd years, charlie lee 80 sum and james 17
 thats (ruffly) 279 years of music.

 note: brehon and me played together in the 50's, I played with wayne in the 60's, charlie lee in the 70's
 and now am playing with james.

you're right I'm left she's gone

the wild side of life

fool such as I

this train

study war no more

I saw her standing there

It's so easy to fall in love

ain't she sweet

love hurts

you don't know me

high blood pressure

the great pretender

I was framed

evening gown

the end of the road

your cheating heart

ode to billy joe

I was the one