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here are some exmples:

june 26, 2010 views of my veg garden

Some views of my back yard   (pictures taken in 2008)

A garden  in Chestnut Hill I maintain.
It is fed on the most part by allowing leaves, trimmings and weedings to compost in place. Design, plant selection comes from the customer, a designer (Gary Kohler), legacy plants from the past and to a small part me.

A garden in Newton I am creating

A vegetable garden in Brookline I help with
these picture were taken in 2007 as house was changing hands so the rampent growth is mostly herbs self seeding. 2008 (no pictures) garden produced well and looked more kempt. Pictures are here to demonstrate raised beds.

Hope to add some more gardens here.

1: a woodlot I am creating.
2: a public park I maintain.
3: a couple of gardens I have designed
4: some plantings we have sculptured.