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this is a construction site
proceed with caution  (I am a gardener not a web designer)

here are some topics I am exploring:

        who am I?, what's this all about?  READ THIS FIRST
             begun 01/09/08

        tick info
        soil testing 
             updated 01/09/09

        leaves (leaf management)
             updated 01/12/09

        sprinkler systems
             updated 01/24/09
       resources (helpful  links)
          plant identification, current pest/disease info, misc
          updated 01/24/09
       the perfect lawn
updated 01/24/09
             updated 01/27/09
       Zen and the art of Landscape Maintenance
             updated   01/24/09

       design for ease of maintenance - save labor and dollars
              updated 01/29/09

         what are weeds?
             updated April 2 2011

       bee keeping  
              updated March 2011
       How to computer water costs
               updated April 2 2011
             updated 01/23/09
when all else fails

these are sparse    
       edible gardening
             updated 09/24/09
       barkmulch  - pros and cons
               started 01/28/09
       misc notes
               updated 02/02/09

other topics  not begun yet
       design for snow removal 
       compost, composting and  composting in place
       why organic?

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