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Here's what I do:

In order to compost in place, avoid squandering organic-soil-building-materials design adjustments are advised. During "fall cleanup" I find myself often alone in some fairly large yards while next door an "army" of leaf blowers and large (expensive)  truck vacuums  go into attack mode. (they are often still there when I leave unless I am planting spring bulbs).

To do this and remain reasonably neat or tidy depends on some design elements.
replace bare dirt and mulched areas with shrubs and ground covers - that gives somewhere to put stuff. A light blowing or raking will fluff up ground covers to hide/soften a good amount of leaves and let the leaves get closer to the soil to decompose. My rule is more green than brown when working with ground covers. Coarse material can be shredded or raked under shrubs.

When shredding leaves with the lawn mower some gets left on the lawn but it is good to have a place to aim to for any extra.

to be continues........