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to garden is to encourage some plants and discourage others.

will start with crabgrass in lawns:
With proper cultural and environmental conditions lawn grass can co-exist and out compete crabgrass

Crab grass thrives (and out competes) especially in hot dry areas (full sun all day).
To restrain the crabgrass there are several options. In small areas hand weeding is not as formidable as it might seem. If the soil is somewhat moist it pulls up easily. It's more of a struggle if the soil is dry.

In larger areas the choice is between two types of pre-emergent applications. Both the chemical and the organic choices are equally effective. the choice is environmental sensitivity and cost - the organic choice is more expensive. Both approaches are quite time and weather sensitive and need multiple seasons of applications.

I have used corn gluten on multiple lawns in the past 10 years or so with good success reducing the amount of crab grass. the seed can lay dormant for several years and also continue to germinate till mid august so with either type of application some plants will continue to spout.

My first test was a front lawn in full sun (full of crab grass). I applied con gluten on half. There was a dramatic difference in the amount of crab grass that appeared (80% control) on the test section. So I did both sections the following year with similar reductions. Did no hand weeding.  

an interesting article on the benefit of some "weeds:

will add other "weeds" in future (maybe)